What People Can Learn About The RealReal App Through Its Instagram Feed

New apps online come and go. Most of these apps can’t deliver their ambitious promise and so their customers falter. Most of these clients also don’t find the support they need to move on with their projects, expand their reach and control their assets. Most of these apps also just lose their value. But there are also apps like The RealReal that are still thriving, doing their best and still continuing in delivering the most valuable product and service to their clientele. In fact, it is safe to say that The RealReal app serves to be today’s prime source of authenticated consumer products that many buyers already trust.

People already know much about the executive and commercial part of The RealReal. What these people don’t know much about, though, is the lighter side of the firm. And the best way to see how casual and light-hearted The RealReal is today is through its Instagram account. The followers of TheRealReal’s Instagram page would see from its feed some of the exciting, luxury brands and items that are sold and consigned in the app’s database. People can find in the posts photos of Balenciaga shoes being sold by the platform, dresses from Chanel and even luxury bags from Gucci.

Those who are interested in luxury items from Bulgari and Cartier can also find in the Instagram page of The RealReal some choice selections that buyers can pick from. Interesting quotes from luxury brand designers like Versace and Chanel are also being featured in the app’s Instagram feed.

About The RealReal

One extra good thing about The RealReal is the fact that it is staffed with the most authenticated apparel specialists and horologists that can verify the names and authenticity of the brands. This means that the luxury items being sold in the app are all 100% guaranteed authentic. Whether it’s jewelry, watches, shoes and apparel, all these items are assured to be certified-true and genuine.

It’s also an added benefit to consumers that buying and selling through The RealReal app is effortless. One can just send a photo of the item that the buyer wants to buy or sell, and the marketplace responds to the query. It’s that simple.