Tobias Jaeger Continues To Succeed Where Others Might Fail

Tobias Jaeger is a successful businessman with an eye for jumping on board with profitable ventures. He has studied, worked, and lived in over 43 countries on 4 different continents and has a passion for building real connections with people from all over the globe. While he was still studying at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, he built his first firm and then went on to start other companies afterwards. One of these companies was StrategosPoker, which taught average everyday how to earn a good income while playing poker at a competitive level.


Currently, Tobias Jaeger leads AXIOM Venture Capital, which is a boutique investment bank that works with the entertainment and media world. The company started out as something unplanned while Tobias was working on AXIOM Pictures’ entertainment fund. At the time Tobias realized that many TV and film groups were actually entertainment firms and not just companies who worked on a single project or two and then moved on. This made Tobias yearn to set up something more long term, and this is where the idea for AXIOM Venture Capital came from.


Tobias Jaeger is something of a research buff, and he really works to base his investment and business decisions on hard facts and research. He also trusts his own instincts but finds that large purchases, investments, or other business related decisions are best made after knowing more of the kind of detailed information that reveal the actual kind of profits that are possible with any venture. One of his most successful strategies is interviewing and talking with real people who are involved in the industries he is considering delving into. He has found that doing the right kind of research and talking to people who are in the know has helped him to avoid making the kinds of costly mistakes that he sees many other business people make on a daily basis.


Tobias Jaeger constantly works to improve his productivity and has found that nutrition is the best way to do this. He does his best to keep the kind of schedule that allows him the time to eat healthy food, and he focuses on exercise in his off time to supplement this. In his extensive travels he has found that he is not alone in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and appreciates that hotels have gym equipment or pools that he can get a great workout on or in.


Tobias plans on continuing to focus on his success and also hopes to help others find success through the lessons he has learned.


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