Showrooming Is Not A Problem For Fabletics

The Fabletics brand of activewear may be a relatively new entrant into the retail industry, but the work that has already been completed by this impressive and innovative company has pushed them to become one of the major challengers to Amazon as the top Online retailer in the U.S. After just three short years, Fabletics has become a brand with a loyal Online fan base who have also embraced the changing shape of the company that is now looking to create a new group of brick and mortar stores that allow an interaction between the virtual and actual stores of the company.


Fabletics has made it a mission not to become bogged down in the different problems that often face traditional brick and mortar stores when they attempt to take on the major Online retailers. Showrooming is one area that many traditional retailers point to as providing problems as they struggle to halt the issue of consumers trying on clothes before going Online to make their ultimate purchase. In response, Fabletics decided against the use of popup stores, and instead created stand alone brick and mortar stores that allow individuals the chance to try on the unique designs of the brand before deciding whether to load it to their Online shopping cart or buy in the store.


Innovation has always been a major part of the work of Fabletics that has also included the chance to develop a new area of innovation as the brand has become a brand customers aspire to buy and live the associated lifestyle of. Fabletics is now ranked alongside brands such as Apple as one customers admire greatly, which is largely due to the position of Kate Hudson as one of the main marketing tools for the brand; the actress and partner in the company uses her social media accounts to show how Fabletics clothing is used in her own everyday life.


Customers across the U.S. have spent a large amount of their time looking through the many options available to them when they use the Fabletics brand of clothing and the associated Website. Reviews of the Fabletics Website explain just how simple and easy it is to navigate the different options and use the Online questions that provide individually inspired outfits chosen based on the latest customer preferences used to develop the link between customer and brand. Reviews have been positive towards Fabletics as customers have been impressed with the quality of the clothing provided and the cost of the clothing that can be purchased each month or customers can choose to take a month off making a purchase.