Ronald Fowlkes Applies Military Work Ethic To Business And Mentor Opportunities

When Ronald Fowlkes began his Military career in 1989, he knew right away that he would need to emulate the words they define the Marines: strength, respect accountability, honor. As the only Marine left in a graduating class of 25, Ronald knew he had what it took to succeed. Mr. Fowlkes has had the role of Marine, working his way up to Corporal. Ronald commanded a small group of men in Desert Storm and chose to leave the Marine Corps after four years.


When Mr. Fowlkes became a civilian, he chose to still serve his nation as a police officer. Ronald was a police officer for seven years before deciding to go back overseas as a private contractor. Through all of his experiences, Mr. Fowlkes has lived by his core values of honor, respect, and working together as a team. Ronald now works for Eagle Industries as a Business Development Manager for their Law Enforcement products division.


When not at work, Ronald volunteers his time mentoring and working with his sons Saint Louis Blues AAA rated travel hockey team. Mr. Fowlkes supports the team by helping plan the travel itineraries and makes sure the hockey equipment is in top form. More importantly, Ronald takes on the role of mentor to the team teaching them about working together and supporting all teammates. To read more about Ronald’s volunteer activities, please click here.