Paul Mampilly: Working for Middle America

The greatest problem most Americans have with the finance industry is its dedication to the already wealthy. It’s no secret that banks and hedge fund managers only want to work with the richest of the rich, leaving everyone else in the dark and in poverty.

If more financial experts focused their efforts on increasing the wealth of the poor, poverty would become a thing of history or legend. Sadly, wealth managers only work with wealth because that’s how they get paid. Fortunately, there’s one man trying to work with the less fortunate and teach mainstream Americans how to capitalize when investing.

That is Paul Mampilly, former hedge fund manager and current American investor. Paul Mampilly started working on Wall Street in 1991, shortly after to the United States from India. His first job as an assistant portfolio manager was at Bankers Trust, a small bank.

Before long, he held prominent positions as banks like Deutsche Bank and ING, managing multimillion-dollar accounts for high-profile clients. He did such an amazing job at Deutsche and ING; he was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to lead their company’s assets. Under his leadership, the firm’s $6 billion assets grew into $25 billion.

The biggest success he experienced at Kinetics was taking a $50 million investment and turning it into $88 million during America’s ’08-’09 financial crisis. Achievements like that earned Kinetics the “World’s Best” hedge fund title by several institutions, all thanks to Paul Mampilly.

After making the rich richer, he grew tired of helping only the wealthy, and Wall Street is a fast-paced society. He wanted something slower, and he wanted to help mainstream Americans make more money. That’s when he started giving his advice away in newsletters and blogs being published by companies like Banyan Hill Publishing.

Since joining Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly’s created several newsletters, Profits Unlimited and Winning Investor Daily, and manages two trading services, Extreme Fortune and True momentum. Most of his current success comes in the form of Profits Unlimited, which has over 90,000 subscribers and attracts more every day.

Americans respond well to his advice because it comes from a place of genuine belief in them. Most financial advisors charge hundreds of dollars and rarely pan out. Paul Mampilly gives advice that actually helps them make money. Learn more: