OSI Industries: A World of Possibilities

OSI Industries’ journey started in 1909. At the time, this small butcher shop was located in Chicago’s Oak Park suburb. During this point in time, the company’s name was Otto & Sons, and it was one of many small businesses that were fueling the economy. Otto Kolschwoski, and his sons provided some of the best tasting and freshest meats in the Midwest. The company served its neighborhood very well, but it was gaining in popularity throughout the state of Illinois. Before too long, Otto & Sons was generating a hefty sum of capital. In 1955, Ray Kroc chose the company to be one of McDonald’s main suppliers of beef. Kroc was the chief executive officer for this up-and-coming hamburger brand, and these two entities would go on to make history.

By this point in time, OSI Industries was a wholesale business, and it offered a wide selection of foods. Every sector of the basic food groups would be represented here with onions, chicken wings, steak, meatballs, beef patties, hotdogs, pasta, soups, panini, chicken fried steak, chili, beans, pot roast, ribettes, pulled pork, turkey products, poultry products, desserts, sauces, flatbread, pizza and many more. OSI Industries decided to bring in some new leadership since the Kolschowski’s were expecting to retire. In 1975, Sheldon Lavin joined the team, and he has taken the company much farther than once expected. Lavin has a finance and accounting background as well as owning his own finance consulting business. As more and more clients began to work exclusively with OSI Industries, it would move from its current location of Maywood to Aurora, Illinois.

In today’s timeframe, OSI Industries is at the top of the food service industry. This exceptional food processor covers at least six different continents. It has a fabulous supply chain, it practices unsurpassed safety protocols, and it provides a great living for its many hard working employees.

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