Orange Coast College Rowers Find Success On The National Stage

The rowers at Orange Coast College have found a lot of success over the years. They’re about to go for their 12th national title while competing against the best 4-year university rowing programs in the nation.

Rowing is a sport that balances intelligence, power, grace, and the unity of eight athletes working harmoniously together. The eight rowers are led by a coxswain who leads the rowers by yelling commands to them.

In addition to having earned 11 national titles so far, Orange College has also had 10 of its students compete in the Summer Olympics as a further sign of the success of their rowing program. This college is a 2-year institution and most of the students, including the rowers, go on to 4 years universities. Many of the rowers end up going to universities with strong rowing programs where they continue on in the sport.

At the beginning of each school year, about 80 male students join the rowing program while about 40 women do so as well. Being a part of the team is tough as it requires almost 20 hours of practice a week. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

This training results in lots of blisters and calluses. By the end of each season around half of the students have dropped out due to how tough being a rower is.

Orange Coast College was established in Costa Mesa, California in 1948. It is a two-year community college that offers associate degrees in art and science as well as certificates in various specialties. The credits that students earn at this college are transferable to 4-year universities. The campus is located near the ocean which is used by the rowing program for training.

About 25,000 students attend Orange Coast College in total with about 16,000 looking to earn an undergraduate degree. The vast majority of students are residents of California with only 3% coming in from out of state. Altogether this college offers 135 career and academic programs. The public nautical programs that it offers are among the biggest that exist in the United States.