Omar Boraie Development Establishes New Brunswick in New Jersey

With the real estate industry booming with business in the current century, it is almost impossible to select the right real estate agent who harbors massive experience in delivering the best services. That is why Omar Boraie is celebrated for his outstanding investment skills in real estate. The 73 year old entrepreneur is committed to developing the real estate industry by taking it to another greater level through his talent and professional experience. Omar is the chief executive officer of Boraie Development, a real estate company committed to offering its clients the best commercial and residential buildings. The New Jersey based company is vastly developing into the best real estate developer.


Recently, Omar through Boraie Development partnered with Shaquille O’Neal in reopening a Boys and Girls Club in the city of Atlanta. This was with the aim of preparing for the summer season. Apart from that project, the company is committed to constructing new apartments in the New York’s busy One Spring Street. According to the chief executive officer of the company Mr. Omar Boraie, the One Spring Street Apartment will be an additional mark of success as it will be among the initial projects that constitute 250 properties developed under the management of the company. According to the Central New Jersey Moms, among his other achievements is developing an organization that would focus on finding revolutionary treatment for cancer.

Boraie Development

According to Rutgers, under the insightful leadership of Omar, Boraie Development has become a premier property developer in the United States. The organization that is based in New Jersey has amassed concrete focus in building New Brunswick area. Boraie Development started growing in the area five years ago. With the plan to modernize New Brunswick, it has made a name for itself in the industry of real estate. Currently, the company has initiated the development of multiple facilities that have been useful in attracting new residents as well as small business owners to the area. From office space to retail stores, the new feel and look of Brunswick has been the talk of most entrepreneurs in New Jersey.

Omar’s Profile

Omar Boraie is the founder and chief executive officer of Boraie Development. He is an executive entrepreneur with Egyptian roots. He has developed his company into being one of the leading real estate firms across the world. His success story was recently marked by the New Brunswick apartments. Omar is dedicated to guiding clients through the careful selection of residential and commercial buildings.

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