Marc Sparks-The Entrepreneur You Should Talk To

If ever someone could be given the title serial entrepreneur, it has to be Marc Sparks. Ever since the time that he completed high school, way back in 1975 is Austin, Sparks has been responsible for dozens of startups long before the term startup came into vogue. As is the case with entrepreneurship not all of these ventures were super successes, but a great many of them were.


With almost three decades and a half of entrepreneurship behind him, Sparks could be considered a sort of an encyclopedia of knowledge pertaining to starting and successfully running a business. Thankfully he has decided to share his wisdom in the shape of a book titled, “They can’t eat you,” that he has written. Learn more:


In his own words, Sparks says that it is indeed remarkable how somebody who only studied till high school could actually go ahead and create products that sold for hundreds and millions of dollars. He attributes his success to his keen business sense that compensated for his lack of education. What is incredible about Sparks is that he has a unique passion-that of making huge successes out of business ideas, others thought did not stand a chance.


Not only does he bring an idea to fruition, but actually goes ahead and creates an admirable company culture primed to achieving the short, medium and long-term targets set by him. His way of doing this is by personal example. Besides, he keeps his door open, and people are free to meet him right away. No time wasted in calling for a meeting and organizing it at a particular venue.


Sparks insists that people can learn about the right way of doing business more by reading about his failures than successes in the book that he has written. The reason that he never buckled under was that even in his worst time, he was enthusiastic about his prospects. Fear of failure, therefore, has always been an alien concept for him.

He believes that it is his faith, passion, tenacity, focus, the ability to monetize and an extraordinary sense of urgency that have helped him become the person that he has. Apart from these he believes it is important to treat one’s employees with the same level of respect and dignity that one would expect for one’s own self. Learn more:


It does not come as a surprise that charity is another deep passion of Sparks’. This is manifest in his steadfast support for a shelter for the homeless in Texas, by the name of The Samaritan Inn. He has been involved with the project since the 1980s and the satisfaction he gets out of his involvement is immense. Truly Sparks is as wonderful a human being as he is an entrepreneur. Learn more: