Malini Saba is a Giver With a Big Heart for At-Risk Women

There are many charities in the world. There are sick people in the world, and within this realm of charitable causes alone there are subdivisions like charities for different types of cancer and other sicknesses. There are charities for the poor and homeless people. Malini Saba is interesting because she chose to focus on a group that you don’t hear much about, but there is definitely a need to give to this group. What I am referencing is at-risk women. There are so many women that are losing their way and many lose their lives because they have lost their way.


Malini Saba has been able to effectively drown out the noise of the world and focus on financial empowerment. She has risen to the top in her career after years of working as a venture capitalist. This has given her the ability to thrive as a business leader, but I think that she wanted to do more. That is why she created her own non-profit. This is amazing in my opinion because I know that she could have done some other things with her money. There is no doubt about that. She chose, however, to take her giving to the next level and provide at-risk women with a chance to survive.


The Stree Foundation is what takes women out of the homeless shelters. It takes those women that may have been on their way to selling their bodies or becoming victims of violence. It is an organization that can aid in educating women about healthcare, job opportunities and a path to a better life. This is astounding because it takes a lot to run an operation like this. Malini Saba has taken it upon herself to start this organization and other people in the positions of power can help her do even more.


I never thought that I would see a millionaire build a non-profit. People that are making this type of money will simply donate something for tax write off purposes. Malini, however, seems to be less concerned with taxes and more concerned with playing it forward. She wants to really build a presence in the lives of young women that may have lost every ounce of hope. She is the person that is telling more women that they can do more with their lives. Her foundation is showing at-risk women that there is a brighter day ahead.



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