Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Dreams in Color

Doe Deere’s presence is one you can’t miss with her rainbow colored hair and her love for bold makeup. Doe was born in Russia and lived there well into her teen years. During her childhood, she was always very ambitious and imaginative. Whatever she dreamed about doing, she found a way to accomplish it. Doe, now known as the Unicorn Queen, has had an eye for entrepreneurship since she was 13 years old. When she lived in Russia as a child, she sold temporary tattoos to her friends and classmates. She also dreamed of becoming a musician, and she did exactly that. In 1998, when she was just 17 years old, Doe moved to the United States and began a career as a musician in New York City, which is how she met her husband. Being a musician in a band taught her a lot about marketing and having a career. While she was living in New York City, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in fashion design. Doe believes fashion and makeup go hand in hand. To her, they are both a way for people to express themselves. This is how she quickly became a part of the makeup world.

Doe always preferred bright colors over neutral colors. She started an eBay account for her DIY, colorful fashion brand back in 2004. Her fashion line was full of unique pieces in unusual colors, and she modeled everything herself. Of course, she needed her whole look to match her brand, but when it came to makeup, there weren’t many options during that time. She could never find any bright makeup so she decided to start making it. Soon after, in 2008, she launched Lime Crime! Girls and makeup lovers quickly gravitated toward her bold and bright colors, and her makeup brand quickly became successful. Learn more:

Now, Doe hopes her brand and what she has done in the makeup industry can inspire women to express themselves freely without the fear of being judged. Some advice she gives to all young women who have big dreams is to always follow your heart. She recommends all girls to tune into the quality or skill that makes them unique and explore it. Doe Deere currently lives in Los Angelos, California, where she spends her time playing with color and coming up with new, creative ideas for Lime Crime. One of her most recent creations is the Unicorn Queen collection. You can also see some of Doe’s creativity on her Instagram, where she regularly posts pictures of herself with a fun hair color. The latest color seems to be a bright and bold red.