Ian King: The Nature of Cryptocurrency

Ian King is the lead editor for Crypto Profit Trader a publication from Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He is also one of the lead contributors to Investopedia on the exciting new asset class known as cryptocurrencies. He originally received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lafayette University before entering the finance industry. He first began trading and investing in the stock market while he was still in college. He has since gone on to make several significant investments and is now serving as one of the world’s leading experts on cryptocurrencies. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Ian King is now known for his prolific writing on the asset class. He has recently posted an interview that he had with a bitcoin expert. He recalls first learning of the asset class from a friend who described it as a technology which could potentially disrupt the central banking system. Whenever he first learned of it, the currencies were still in their infancy. At the time that Ian King Banyan first began to work for Banyan Hill Publishing Company, he was already a successful hedge fund manager on Wall Street. Banyan Hill Publishing Company was looking for an individual who had experience in cryptocurrency and experience as a professional investor would be able to break down the new asset class in a way that was easy for Americans to understand.

Ian King first began to be interested in cryptocurrencies whenever the federal government lowered interest rates to zero after the financial crisis. He believes that around every ten years a new technology arrives that can change civilization entirely. He believes that the new asset class in the 2010s is cryptocurrency which will allow individuals to transfer digital value around the world instantaneously without the need for an intermediary.

He believes that although there has been explosive growth in the price of numerous cryptocurrency assets over the last year, there is still significant room for growth in the near future. Cryptocurrencies represent a fundamental change in the nature of the way that individuals can exchange value. In the past, for a transaction to occur there needed to be an intermediary who would ensure that the transaction took place flawlessly. Today cryptocurrencies offer a unique way to eliminate the need for this third-party. Due to the very nature of the blockchain technology upon which cryptocurrencies are built, there is no need for trust in the network system. This is due to the fact that blockchain technology is decentralized.

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