Gregory Aziz the Driving force of National Steel Car Company

He is the President and the CEO of the National Steel Car. He is also the Chairman of National Industries Inc.

The company is located in Hamilton Ontario. It is one of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing company. The company has been in the operation for more than 100 years. James Aziz earned a reputation in North America as one of the leading railroad car manufacturers.


The main strength of the company is the people. It is proud of what they have been able to achieve together for all this period. Currently, the company is diverse, dynamic and value driven as compared to the past years. Some of the things that makes the National Steel Car Company excel is the constant challenge it gives itself. The company knows how to concentrate its strength in terms of efficiency that is parallel to none in the industry. Moreover, the firm values purpose and remains true to its core values, therefore gaining trust from the customers in building high-quality railcars that are delivered within the client’s specified time. This has seen the customers constantly seeking the service of the company whenever they have to.

The company has been selected by Canpotex to manufacture 700 new railcars that are anticipated to transport potash to the coastal ports. The investment is valued at $ 70 million. Canpotex has been transacting with National Steel Car since 1999, of which it is estimated that the former company has already made an investment of that exceeds $500 million in the acquisition of its 7,000 railcars. The alliance of the two companies has seen the business between them grow to the next level, with the Canpotex acknowledging the quality and reliability of the railcars from the National Steel Cars.


National Steel Car has jointly announced the North American harmonized regulation for it to realize the stronger as well as the rail tank cars that are in the transportation of flammable liquids. Lisa Raitt, the Minister of Transport is the one who made the announcement in the Washington DC.


Gregory Aziz said that their customers were in the need of clarity on the issue of safety regulation and was actually given. National Steel Company was impressed by the government steps to harmonize their regulations. The recent incidences of an accident in Canada and in the US, have shown the importance that the North American rail system remains as safe as it can be.


National Steel Car and Greg Aziz also gives back to the community. Some of the organizations that the company sponsors include theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, and the united way. Greg Aziz and his wife, Irene, are also avid sponsors of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair — the largest agricultural Fair in Canada. Click Here For More Info.