Get inspired with Fabletics

A brand apart from all other competitors, Fabletics by Kate Hudson has taken athletic and leisure wear by storm. This is not only due to the iconic celebrity designer, color, variety, sizing, availability, but a strong sense of business skill that has highly attributed to the brand moving above and beyond the competition. Using a technique, reverse showroom, proved to be the ticket, and pure genius. The reverse showroom technique includes having a strong online presence, but also, like Fabletics, makes itself readily available within brick and mortar stores.


Most consumers are actively seeking the product online, and physically shopping to purchase the item. This brilliant technique has proven to be highly successful, and may catch on with multitudes of competitors, however it seems Fabletics has set the pace with its cutting edge marketing idea, shocking the business world. Beginning with a website in the early stages helped to establish a personable, good reputation with its consumers, including taking a quiz on what Fabletic product works best for the consumer, which is highly encouraged, bringing such a personal touch, the website created loyalty, integrity, and an assurance that the product line would continue to grow. Consumers became enthralled with its quality, true to their word in patterns, color and comfort and the assurance new product and variety would always be available. The reputation for this line was strongly established, the second part of the marketing technique begun. Thus, the massive physical presence within brick and mortar stores, and the brands popularity of athletic and leisure clothing saw exponential growth.


Established in 2013, in just a mere three year span the brand turned itself into a $250 million dollar company with projections of substantial proportions. One of the largest competitors being Amazon which controls approximately 20% of the online market, Fabletics definitely found the ingredient to set themselves apart.


Kate Hudson strives to create affordable leisure and fitness wear for all shapes and sizes and is excited about the ability to do so. As a mother of two, she is not only inspiring her own children, but people around the world as well. She generously shares staying hands on, relying on big data, getting inspired, and believing in yourself to take those risks. Her drive and her tips for success are absolutely a must for the entrepreneur, making us not only appreciate her line, but her encouragement for others as well.