As the modern traveler packs his bags to see the world and have fun, he is also packing his eco-consciousness with him. There has been a notable increase and demand for eco-friendly destinations, and travelers are looking for destinations that are taking care of this aspect of life. Similarly, governments, individuals, and organizations are beefing up efforts to popularize eco-tourism. Learn more:

About Wild Ark

Wild Ark, a renowned conservation organization is a leader in the conservation world, working towards the protection of the world’s biodiversity. The key concern is to secure endangered greenbelts around the world, leading to the eventual conservation of wildlife in these areas. While at it, they form a good ground for research work, at the same time helping people to reconnect with the natural habitats.

Wild Ark is in fact on a mission and doing things differently. They have introduced a different way of doing business by organizing trips and tours only to eco-friendly destinations and where conservation and preservation efforts have been notable. Learn more:

Eco-Friendly Destinations


It’s no wonder that Palau featured in 10th Season of the highly acclaimed TV series “Survivor.”Its beauty is outstanding and the more than 500 islands make it adorable. Over 400 miles of its coast have been designated as no-fishing areas despite having over 1,000 kinds of fish.


Kenya stands out as one of the overwhelmingly endowed nations in the world, with its flora and fauna attracting thousands of visitors each year. Kenya’s climate allows sunshine most days of the year and is habitat to the Big Five. In recent years, Kenya has passed strict anti–poaching laws in an effort to preserve its decreasing wildlife population.

Sian Ka’an , Mexico.

Sian Ka’an in Mexico is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, a title given to destinations that have unique ecosystems that need to be preserved. It is also designated as Biosphere Reserve, owing to its biodiversity. Here, visitors can delve into the crystal clear pools of freshwater that are connected with underground rivers


Costa Rica

The black and sand beaches, heavy rain forests and ever misty cloud forests of Costa Rica are a site to behold. To have them live longer, the government has put up mechanisms through which lists lodges that are eco-friendly in a bid to encourage tourists to be eco-conscious. The Costa Rica Tourism Institute is tasked with the duty of identifying green resorts, hotels and lodges.