Business Models of Fashion and How Fabletics Outdoes Them

Among the aspects of business that entrepreneurs need to figure out before they move forward is their business model. This is the method they are going to use to serve customers. In order to figure out the best business model, one has to factor in the strengths and disadvantages of each business model they are considering. One of the most common business models is the more backed off type of business model where customers sign up for an account, but they are then left to their devices. The main advantages is that the customer does not have to pay for membership which gives them more room to buy items. However, they may have to pay more for items. The business also focuses on providing and marketing the products above serving customers.


Fabletics has adopted a different business model. This involves getting the customers to pay for membership. At the same time, they also do everything they can to make sure they know precisely what each customer wants and provide products according to these preferences. In other words, customers are made aware of the influence they have over the products that are available. This is called the reverse showroom technique where the customer is the main focus.


Even though the customers pay for membership, they are actually getting products at a discount. They can buy as many products as they like at a lower price than they would’ve had to get at another company.


The best part of the offer is that these clothes are not cheaply made. Therefore, both men and women get to enjoy elegant and durable clothing. The customer does not have to worry about wearing that outfit that she thought was cute one time and then have it fall apart on her. This is something that occurs with outfits that are sold for thousands of dollars. Therefore, Fabletics is doing something that is very innovative for women.