Bruno Fagali Explains The New Rules On Advertising On Grocery Chain Shopping Bags

A lawyer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruno Fagali, often posts on his law firm’s website about different legal issues he has come across. A recent one was about a new rule that Procon Paulistano issued regarding advertising on supermarket chains grocery bags. In the past this was handled irregularly so now this issue is codified so everyone knows what is allowed.

The new rule, he says, is that if the supermarket chain makes you pay for the grocery bag then there can be no logo on it nor the name of the grocery store chain. If the grocery bag is free of charge then they can put their logo and/or name on the grocery bag.

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Bruno Fagali says the new rule is Administrative process 2017-0.154.983-9 and can be found on the Procon Paulistano website. It is now part of the consumer protection code which protects consumers from advertising that is either abusive or misleading in nature. This code states that any advertising to consumers can neither put that consumer in a position of great advantage nor can it create a situation that greatly disadvantages them.

The new rule was put in place by Procon Paulistano on grocery bags because they found it was just too much to expect someone to pay for a bag and then have advertising printed on it for where they had purchased it from. Bruno Fagali said that consumers shouldn’t have to pay to advertise a grocery store chain to other people.

Bruno Fagali has practiced the law in Sao Paulo for 12 years. He worked at four law firms before founding his own. He is also the ethics compliance manager for an advertising agency that contracts with the federal government of Brazil called New / SB. Bruno Fagali has held this position for over two years and his job is to make sure that everyone at this ad agency follows the law in regards to anti-corruption. He is a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo and has received extensive training at other colleges in Sao Paulo as well.

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